Apple’s iBookstore Witnesses 350,000 iBooks Download In 3 Days

Apple's iBookstore 350,000 iBooks Download Apple’s iBooks-2, a digital textbook launched last week, haven’t convinced everyone as the company claimed that classroom is a very suitable place for iPad, though more than 350,000 textbook downloads in the first 3 days suggests a big demand for the iOS in classrooms. These figures were revealed by the proprietary monitoring system for Global Equities Research. However, free iBook Author tool have been downloaded in substantial amount.

Since the release on Thursday, Apple’s free e-book creation tool, which is Mac-only & requires Operating System X Lion, was reportedly downloaded 90,000 times. The app helps to create digital books by dragging & dropping Word files, Keynote presentations, videos, and photos, though the interactive titles are distributed via Apple’s iBookstore.

However, the limitation may not frustrate many publishers as far as the potential savings are concerned. The research firm reveled production based on iBooks Author is almost 80% less than that for print textbooks.


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