MegaUpload Lawyer Denies All Copyright Infringement Allegations

MegaUpload Copyright Infringement AllegationsA lawyer assigned by the founder of MegaUpload denied his client’s engagement in piracy and claimed U.S.A misunderstands the business nature of the company.

Kim DotCom, the founder of megaUpload, along with 3 other men who were accused of helping him in running the controversial site, appeared in court for pleading for bail after Kim was arrested on Thursday near Auckland. However, the group has been charged with racketeering, online piracy, and money laundering.

In an indictment that was issued in Virginia, U.S.A. declared that MegaUpload appeared as a massive criminal enterprise aimed at enabling and encouraging millions of people in storing and distributing unauthorized copies of TV shows, movies, music, & other media. Kim DotCom, a notorious figure in hacking community & Internet for more than a decade, said that he along with his company are the service providers abiding Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

However, his lawyer claimed in the court that his client’s website doesn’t deal with pirated film or video uploads.


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