Google+ Revises Its “Real Names” Policy By Accepting Pseudonyms

Google+ "Real Names" Policy Lots of places are there on the Internet for keeping you anonymous online. But don’t consider Google+ as one of them as Google is going to revise its policy regarding the nomenclature of user names that allows people to use their nicknames as well as established pseudonyms. Consequently, if you’re the one willing to hide his/her identity, go somewhere else. It’s like you can materialize your hidden desire behind anonymity somewhere else. However, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit or WordPress are the sites that allow you to use anonymity. Those services evidently protect your identity.

On the contrary, the tendency of browsing staying behind the screen will keep continuing everywhere. In fact, they demand more from the Google+ than just nicknames.

Meanwhile, Bradley Horowitz, Google’s vice president said “We’re revising our strategies & processes for broadening supports for the established pseudonyms.” However, pseudonymity isn’t anonymity. Rather a pseudonym is a form of identity.

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