Cheaper iPad Not A Threat To Amazon Kindle Fire

Cheap iPad With Amazon Kindle fire tablet was launched last year on November, it was considered as the first ever tablet to challenge Apple’s iPad seriously. Being available at $200, the Kindle tablet seriously undercut Apple’s iPad pricing. Besides, the Amazon’s tablet incorporated to an excellent digital ecosystem that includes books, music, video & other downloadable contents.

Consequently, a war for tablet market dominance was established in the title “Amazon versus Apple”.

When BGR revealed that the Kindle tablet may cost Apple Inc. $1 billion or even more in Holiday iPad Sales. At that instant, Amazon was supposed to be on the top. Contrarily, when AppleInsider published that Amazon were thinking about reducing their Kindle tablet orders to half focusing at the new iPad looms, it appeared as if the previously war was switching its direction.

Under these circumstances, the situations become so sophisticated to judge which one is threatening whom. Consequently, the comparison between kindle Fire & iPad is analogous to the comparison between orange & apple.

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