Twitter & Facebook To Weaken Google’s Monopoly With A New Web Searching Tool

Twitter & Facebook Web Searching ToolDevelopers from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace created a new tool for re-inserting their pages into the new search results of Google. However, some analyze this attempt as an evidence of the attempts taken by Facebook & Twitter for fighting the monopolization of Google in Internet. However, does it sound like storm in a cup of tea?

The recently created tool is a Firefox add-on called ‘Don’t Be Evil’, after the own mantra of Google, & it was made for taking on Google’s new search result display. The new format for displaying search result shows the concerned G+ pages in a precise new sidebar including ‘relevant’ G+ activities from those you follow on Google’s social network site.

Though the entire system smells like a blatant favoritism for Google’s side project, it reminds that the ‘Search Plus’ still lacks the size & scope. Moreover, the feature is only available to the U.S. based users requiring that you must have a G+ account yourself.

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