The Next XBox To Not Allow Used Games

XBox Used GamesMicrosoft’s next-gen Xbox game console is going to include a built-in mechanism that won’t let you play used cyber games, as revealed by a gaming blog Kotaku. The blog has been informed by a reliable industry source that Microsoft are willing to incorporate an anti-used gaming system in their unnamed console, although the company mentioned any precise way for implementing the idea.

The successor to Xbox 360, such as Xbox 720, Xbox Loop, or Xbox Next, will switch their media formats from DVD to Blu-Ray, Kotaku reported on Wednesday.

The blog also reported that, “Microsoft is thinking about shipping their latest Xbox with the new version of Kinect sensor system.”

It has been also revealed that Microsoft has been developing new Kinect system in-house instead of depending on PrimeSense, an Israel based company that supplied Kinect with a 3D sensing technology.

However, the Kotaku report spread a new rumor that the X-box sprang up in the recent weeks.

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