Top 5 Gadgets for Music Lovers: A Preview

Tech-Gadgets-For-Music-FansThe variety of gadgets available for music lovers is, to say the least, extensive. New and exciting additions are appearing all the time as technology carries on with its seemingly inexorable advances. For this reason gadget enthusiasts should carefully check out the top gizmos, and before making a purchase, research the best way to acquire a great price deal on their choices. Bargain hunters can save a lot of money by intelligent use of the search engines, when tracking down a great deal on the best laptop or the latest MP3 player.

Top 5 Gadgets for Music Lovers

iPod Touch 4G

The iPod Touch 4G is one of the best MP3 players currently available on the market. With its ultra-thin design, stunning full-colour screen and superb build quality, the product should be high on a music lover’s gadget list.

Shure SE535 In-ear Headphones

These in-ear headphones are the most expensive to date produced by the highly respected Shure company. Industry commentators have stated the opinion that these headphones are amongst the best in the world.

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

The MacBook Pro, with its very fast processor, is highly regarded as one of the best laptops for music lovers. This well-built laptop is moulded from aluminium, rendering it very solid, and has the longest-lasting battery of the range of MacBook models. The laptop’s high-speed 1066 MHz DDR3 memory enables music lovers to run more applications at the same time without slowing the machine.

Vita Audi R2 DAB Radio

This stylish DAB radio features a crystal-clear LCD display, easy-to-use controls and outstanding stereo sound quality. The radio also features an FM tuner, in addition to having a remote, an MP3 player facility and a phono line input.

Wave Music System – SoundLink by Bose

The Wave Music System – SoundLink by Bose, enables music lovers to listen to music wirelessly from their laptop or Bluetooth device. This music system is simple to set up. It includes a CD player, alarm clock, FM/AM tuner and SoundLink adapter.

Where to Find the Best Music Gadget Deals
Music gadget lovers should use the popular price comparison websites to locate the greatest deals on their gadget of choice. These sites allow users to compare the price of their gadgets at a range of online stores. Music lovers should also check out popular gadget blogs. Here, they may discover a retailer offering a good deal on the gadget that they require, or they might find an alternative gadget at a lower price. Music lovers should also inspect their favourite gadget shopping websites directly. Shoppers should also look out for special online deals that enable them to use a discount code or voucher to reduce the cost of their purchase.

Latest Music Gadgets on the Market

Urbanisita London Headphones
These functional and very slick in-ear headphones, with a ten-millimetre speaker size, are available in six appealing colours. The cord features an integrated microphone and a 3.5 millimetre plug, able to work with the majority of phones and music players that are available for purchase.

Marmitek BoomBoom 152 Wireless Speaker
The BoomBoom 152 wireless speaker provides a perfect stereo effect. Its two tweeters sit inside the unit alongside a 20 centimetre bass port, creating rich, deep low tones. The speaker’s battery has an endurance of eight hours before requiring a recharge. This speaker can be used with a range of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including BlackBerry smartphones, and it has an additional aux-input for use with MP3 players that lack a Bluetooth facility.

Elipson Planet L Speakers
Created by the French manufacturer, Elipson, these high-end speakers ooze style. Commonly seen in recording studios and large concert halls in France, Planet L speakers can be installed on tables and floors, and on walls and in ceilings. The speakers’ bass reflex enclosure is constructed with an inert glass-fibre resin compound.

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