Twitter Decides To Selectively Censor Tweets Content

Twitter Censor Tweets Twitter reportedly possesses a technology for selectively blocking tweets on a country by country format. Twitter revealed in its blog it is capable of withholding contents from any users from any country in particular, though they said that the ceased content would be exposed to the worldwide. Earlier when Twitter withheld a tweet, the remaining part of the world couldn’t visualize it.

Twitter came to this decision when it reached at the edge of expansion in the global business.

Twitter explained in its blog post that this international growth is aimed at entering countries having different ideas and perceptions regarding the practice of freedom of expression, showing France & Germany as examples.

Twitter, in association with Facebook, has been playing a vital role in organizing things from the Arab Spring to even London riots last year, according to Rory Cellan-Jones, the technology correspondent of BBC.

However, Twitter, being a micro-blogging service, may have to maintain a balance between local laws and the practice of free speech.

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