Smartphone Sales Of Nokia Goes Beyond Analysts’ Predictions

Nokia Smartphone SalesLast year, Nokia formed an alliance with Microsoft last year with a view to regaining its smartphone market lost to Apple Inc.  As a result, during the last quarter of 2011, Nokia experienced huge sales of its smartphones which was beyond the experts’ prediction.

To be more obvious, Nokia sold 19.6 million smart phones capable of handling tasks including corporate e-mails & playing movies. The figure exceeded 1 million predicted by the analysts. However, the Lumia models largely contributed to this achievement. During the same period, Apple delivered 37 million iPhones.

“Nokia may be in relief as they were very concerned about the monopoly of Apple in the smartphone market and Nokia has something to warn Apple,” said an analyst. “Comparatively less things are dependent on the quality of earnings and more things are dependent on the relief that the products are not worse,” analysts added.

Stephen Elop, Chief Executive Officer, has bet that Nokia is capable of selling Windows Phones for compensating the phasing out of its Symbian production line.

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