Lawsuit Filed By Facebook On A Mission To Stop Clickjackers

Facebook ClickjackersFacebook has formed ally with Washington’s Attorney General for putting real resources so that users may get rid of spams on this social network site.

“Security must be given the highest priority, & that is why Facebook is determined to constantly improve their consumer safeguards taking into account the civil as well as criminal consequences,” Ted Ullyot, Facebook’s general counsel said in a statement.

However, the two (as mentioned above) have filed lawsuit against the affiliate network Adscend Media, which Facebook claimed to support the “clickjacking” schemes, & other forms of fraudulent that persuade users in giving up money or personal information.

Clickjacking involve hiding codes in a link, or even under a picture that otherwise would appear as a normal click-through point. In Facebook’s case, these activities exist as enticing links for viewing a strange video, or finding out what sort of cool things happened during your birthday or any other special occasion.

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