Get An Attractive Interface With Facebook’s Latest Timeline

On Tuesday, Facebook publicly declared that it had started enabling its newly unveiled Timeline interface for all of its 800-million-plus active users. Facebook users who have not yet tried Timeline feature will soon receive a notification of a seven-day countdown prior to this new look — and offers extremely easier access to your older posts which will be visible to your friends as well. This timeline will help you to easily scroll back to the previous years and check what you have said or done till now.

Facebook’s decision to make it another forced upgrade seems to be quite natural. Though this was introduced few months back, but very little users were familiar with Timeline. So this initiative will certainly help the App to spread among active users who always wanted to change their facebook interface.  Through this Timeline feature you can decorate your profile page with attractive cover photo and crop it according to your preference. It also offers active log, highlight features. So what are you waiting for? Try this new app right now.

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