Google & Apple To Face Lawsuit For Violating Anti-trust Laws

Google & Apple Lawsuit Google Inc. & Apple Inc. are among 7 technology based companies that are going to face a mandatory lawsuit in charge of violation of antitrust laws as the companies had deal among themselves for not recruiting each other’s employees.

Lucy H. Koh, the District Judge of San Jose, California, said that though she has possibility to dismiss some of the claims, she will spare the plaintiffs another chance for amending their complaints & re-filling it. Intel Corp., Pixar animation unit of Walt Disney Co., Adobe Systems Inc., Lucasfilm Ltd., and Intuit Inc. (INTU) has been enlisted as defendants.

“Those companies still possess antitrust claims that are going to be forwarded. Therefore, I don’t want any obstruction on discovery,” Lucy told the lawyers during hearing at the district court.

However, the case filed is normally a private lawsuit that was brought in favor of the employees who were settled by the companies with U.S. Justice Department in 2010.


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