Palm’s Chief Jon Rubinstein’s Departure Pushes WebOS Towards Uncertainty

WebOS UncertaintyThe former chief of Palm is going to leave HP along with the webOS. However, it hardly seems as a surprise. The acquisition of Palm by HP has been proved disastrous, especially after the shifting of Jon Rubinstein into a product innovation role. Once, Rubinstein was a big& inevitable part of Palm, even after the swearing by Veer 4G handsets claimed by mostly by critics as too small & less functional than expectation. Evidently, Rubinstein possessed nearly 2 years of contract at the HP, & now that is up. Reportedly Jon doesn’t have any plan right now. Only things he is thinking about are to take some time and breathe a little focusing.

Rubinstein’s departure is symbolic regarding the place of webOS in the world. Analysts fear that webOS may fail to survive in the open source form, and no new consumer devices will be introduced to tech markets with webOS. The bottom-line is, analysts foresee every possibilities of webOS’s death in the marketplace.

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