Apple’s iBooks Author App Seems To Be Helpful To Many

In spite of Apple’s eminent success, Apple’s latest attention in textbooks creates mixed reactions from Cal State Fullerton students; though, its iBooks Author app seems to be useful to professors.

Apple released an update for the iBooks App on iPads on 19th January 2012 that comprises of textbooks on the book selling app. Ever since the update, the app carries eight $15 textbooks along with one free textbook; nonetheless, they are intended for K-12 education. We have come to know that Apple might widen its textbook audience.

“They changed their iBooks app, so that it would have more interactive textbooks within it,” said Daniel Koelsch, Titan tech supervisor in the Titan Bookstore. “They’re making a big push so that they can get textbooks into the digital era.”

As per Koelsch opinion, nothing is confirmed yet and everything is undecided, but there are buzzes about Apple carrying college textbooks, in the near future.

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