iPhone Overtakes Blackberry in Europe

It is hard to believe that Blackberry phone is under serious siege in Europe, faced by stiff opposition from iPhone. Customers using business phones are now shifting more towards iPhone as they find the latest one more smart in terms of technology.

The phenomenon is also true in case of Europe. A research conducted by Samsung has shown that a large number of businesses are shifting to phones which use Android operating system. Though Blackberry is seen to be a must accessory for businesses which operate in the developing economies, many businesses are now shifting to another option in addition to the Blackberry.

According to the survey, around 27 percent of the smart phone users have confessed that they are also using an Android phone. 26% of them said that they are using a Blackberry and 24 percent are using a Blackberry. Of the respondents, 24 percent seemed to be using an iPhone.

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