Asia Brings High-Tech Jobs From The West

High-Tech Jobs From The WestThere is hardly inevitability about the dominance maintained by Asia in the technology based market worldwide. However, America had a splendid history of dominance over the tech world, though they are lagging a little behind in this sector due to Asian revolution in the field of technology over the last decade, especially in China, South Korea, and Japan.

According to the report of New York Times, most of the Americans are now waking up realizing the gruesome reality of the off-shoring of high-tech job opportunities to other part of the world. It seems Americans have realized the dedication of the hardworking Chinese workers working under serf-like conditions.

The newspaper’s report also unveiled that currently the Chinese employees spend huge hours in work, in some cases 7 days per week, and live in shabby & crowded dorms. They stand for long time so that their legs swell causing them trouble in walking.

Apple is not the only company to send the high-jobs overseas. Most nominally tech-based US companies have already sent their high-tech manufacturing jobs overseas in the recent years taking into account the cheap labor cost in Asia.

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