Google Differentiates Between Searchers And Advertisers

Google Searchers And AdvertisersYou must not overlook the fact that Google does its business as a strong advertising marketplace.

Google’s search engine part, that we love most, is constantly under experiment by Google to adapt & augment its business as much as possible.

Now, with Google’s introduction of the “Search Plus” earlier this month, the company has made us to believe that it has enough guts to ignore its genuine customers who view Google from search-engine’s perspective. Instead, Google appears to emphasize more on building its own marketplace through expansion of its audience, & delivery ever-better output to the advertisers, even if by degrading impression to the search-engine users.

However, the “Search Plus” is the feature that is aimed at integrating results from your social network that is led by the Google+, the social networking weapon of Google. Although you can disable the social search of Google, it is on by default. Moreover, “Search Plus” comprises some bizarre effects, like prioritizing the search results from Google+, other than from Facebook or Twitter.

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