Facebook.com – Most Visited Site in Internet

Google released their web traffic data which revealed that Facebook was the winner when it comes to Internet visits despite the growing criticism of Facebook’s privacy policy.
Facebook Most Visited Site
The biggest Social Network gets around about 540 million unique visits. Facebook.com enjoys a market share of almost 35% of Internet population. This effectively means, 1 in 3 Internet Users visit Facebook.com.

Google’s report on Facebook.com comes days after Facebook was banned in Pakistan. Google’s reports are made using the Ad-Planner Double Click which suggests that more than 570 billion pages of Facebook.com are viewed monthly.

Yahoo.com stands second which gets around about 490 million visitors. Though many politicians, media persons, activists were against privacy settings of Facebook, these figures suggest that people are still preferring to not only share personal information but also use Facebook.com regularly.

From recent reports we know that only around 23,000 people have joined We Quit Facebook Website. This group is also planning for a mass protest on May 31 to end Facebook’s dominance on Internet. Facebook has now reconsidered its privacy settings giving a strong one click control of the information that you share.

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