iPhone Insurance Offered By AT&T From June 6

AT&T iPhone InsuranceApple iPhone users will now have a happy news this weekend. AT&T are now planning to offer an Insurance service for iPhone Users. From this service, people can now forgive their carelessness for dropping their costliest handset. This Insurance Service is best for people who go out frequently and are careless of their holdings.

AT&T is now planning to roll out this Insurance Service named MobileProtect starting from June 6. This Insurance service is specifically designed for iPhone. The insurance plan will be run by Asurion. The plan is expected to be priced at $13.99/month on a continual basis. For the subscribers to easily purchase this Insurance plan, it will be available in the Apple App Store and the billing will be done to your credit card directly.

The limitation of this plan is that, you will need to buy this plan within 30 days of purchasing your new iPhone or upgrading to latest one. And another disadvantage is that you need to pay around $168 per year to safeguard your iPhone. But do you really feel its worth to pay that much to safeguard your iPhone?

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