Skype Supports 3G Calling For iPhone

Skype has decided to support 3G Calling for iPhone with some bad news mixed with it. So far, Skype 2.0 for Apple iPhone has facilitated 3G Calling for free using the iTunes Link. But on the other hand, from August this year you will be required to pay for the feature.
Skype 3G Calling for iPhone
3G Calling was the last but not the least kind of a feature that was desperately needed by Skype users of iPhone. This new app is now available for download and use in the App Store and so far the expectations are pretty good.

The important part of this story is that coming August, you would be required to pay a small monthly fee for the making calls over 3G. This payment is additional to the payment you pay to your network operator such as AT&T. So overall this comes as an extra fees overburdening the users with bills. So far the situation has been such like Skype has provided cheap or mostly free Calls over 3G. But with this new announcement which comes as a surprise, the dependance on Skype in the future might reduce a lot.

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