Apple Records 2 Million iPad Sales in 6 Weeks

Apple reported on Monday that it had sold 2 Million iPad units since the device was launched on April 3. Apple has created a huge impact in the Tablet Computing with the advent of iPad. Though Apple has recorded 2 Million Sales of its most charismatic device after iPhone, the iPad has gone on sale mostly in US in the past 6 weeks.
Apple iPad 2 Million Sales
Apple iPad sales started in countries like Australia, Canada, Japan and European Countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K. Apple didn’t reveal the statistics of its sale proportion at the international level.

Apple is definitely facing a crisis to meet the growing demand for iPad units. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs reported that, Apple is consistently trying to meet the consumer demand and hence are trying to produce more iPads. Apple also mentioned that there are around 5000 apps in the App Store specifically built for the iPad.

Apple recorded a million sale 28 days after iPad debut. It took almost the same amount of time to report another million sale. But with iPad now slowly available globally, the Sales is going to reach high peaks. Also competition from other end like Dell Streak can encourage Apple to develop better sales.

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