Nokia Launches Bicycle Charger Kit For Nokia Mobile Users


Bicycle Charger Kit by Nokia

Bicycle Charger Kit by Nokia

On June 3, when Nokia introduced its first dual SIM phones along with two
other low budget handsets in Indian market, they also launched another
revolutionary mobile accessory named  a Bicycle charger kit.
The kit contains a DC-14 phone charger, a phone holder that can be easily
attached to the bicycle and *a dynamo which is essential *to power the
batteries and a bunch of tools useful to install the kit on the bike.
After the kit it properly installed, it will charge the mobile handset while
you are riding the bike at more then 6 km/hour speed. If the speed of the
bike goes over 12 km/hour it would give the best performance. The key
element behind this amazing concept is the dynamo. It is a small motor that
generates electricity when the bike’s wheels moves at fast speed. Therefore,
whenever you ride the bike, it produces electricity.  In rural areas it is a
common phenomenon, that the bicycles are always seen fitted with dynamos to
provide light in the dark. The similar concept has been applied in this
Bicycle charger kit. The only  difference is here instead of lighting, the
dynamo is being utilized to charge the mobile phone. As for the Nokia
charger kit, any Nokia handset that comes with a standard 2mm charging jack
is compatible with it.



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