Microsoft Files Complaint Against Motorola, Claiming FRAND Abuse

Microsoft Files Complaint Against MotorolaAs it appears that the giant companies are very busy in suing each other. Over that past few months we have been coming to know about lawsuits against the giant companies, most of them are patent violation. Microsoft is the latest tech giant to attend that tradition as they take aim at Motorola Mobility on matter of a FRAND (fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory) abuse claim.

Microsoft has filed a law complaint at European Commission against Motorola. The complaint is somewhat related to web video, and how devices like Windows PCs and Xbox taking advantage of it. How Motorola gets related to this matter? Well they hold the patent. Motorola is asking that Microsoft should take their products off the market that are using such patent or else they can shut down the standards-based ability to use this patent. In response to that Microsoft is claiming that Motorola should first license those patents from 29 other companies according to FRAND before asking such action.

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