Facebook Ban Lifted in Bangladesh

Social Networking giant Facebook was banned in Bangladesh last week due to caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed and rude images of Bangladesh leaders. This happened after Pakistan banned Facebook due to outrage by Islamic Community.
Bangladesh Lifts Ban on Facebook
Now Bangladesh has lifted the ban on Facebook after Pakistan.

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) ordered the country’s international Internet gateway providers to lift the ban on Facebook. This decision came after Facebook agreed to remove the so called obnoxious images of Bangladesh Leaders.

Pakistan lifted the ban similarly after a court order. But YouTube and other 1,200 Web Pages were also part of the Ban put forward by Pakistan. Bangladesh however did not ban YouTube as YouTube did not promote such obnoxious content.

Facebook was banned in Bangladesh on May 29 after large protests broke over the images uploaded on the most visited site in the world.
Bangladesh felt that it hurt the religious sentiment of Muslim Population living in their country.

Bangladesh accounts for almost 1 million accounts in Facebook and the decision to unblock Facebook will mean good for both the sides.

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