Apple To Dump Its 30-Pin Connectors

Apple 30-Pin ConnectorsAccording to online reports Apple is looking to make space for larger batteries and other parts inside future iOS devices, so they may dump 30-Pin connectors. Apple continuously looks to make smaller items so that your iPhone appears svelte. So, accommodation inside iOS devices has been a crucial factor.

Apple make changes to the internal hardwire size to accommodate bigger battery as the hunger for power features is increasing. Apple is also looking to accommodate a larger a 4G wireless radio inside iOS devices. It is not confirmed exactly what coming device will undergo this change but the website iMore says that iPhone 5 is a possible candidate. People are not interested to the matter whether Apple changes its connector or not, the bigger question here is how long iOs devices will need a cord. Although the technology has advanced a lot over the past few years but there is few precious replacement of cord system.

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