INQ Mobile Brings The ‘Social Revolution’ This Month



INQ mobiles for Social Networking buffs

INQ mobiles for Social Networking buffs



INQ Mobile, by Hutchison Whampoa, today announces the launch of its opening of the advertising campaign for India that showcases its concept of suitable Internet Communications for the ‘Facebook Generation’.

INQ headed for the Indian market on March 2010 with its social networking cell phone devices named as INQ Chat 3G and INQ Mini 3G comes with internet connectivity. The cell phone promotion has begun from 4 June 2010, which aims to pass on the approach and personality of the INQ brand and a generation who have become habituated with full time internet access to make their life easier.

INQ has been noted as an internationally successful brand in creating a category of mobile phones that incorporates the social networking facility, email and instant messaging services at the heart of the device. And the most advantageous part is that it remains on for the entire day. INQ was conceived by Hutchison Whampoa as a part of the two-fold 3G strategy. The sole aim of this unique handset is to enhance the user experience of wireless broadband connectivity through an extensive high-speed coverage including a flat rate data plan to produce pioneering yet affordable devices.


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