Microsoft Releases First Look Of Windows 8 For Non-developers

 First Look Of Windows 8While Mobile World Congress is running great in Barcelona, Microsoft diverts the focus with its new operating system. People who already downloaded this trailer version of Windows have appreciated it. So far the operating system has lived up to the promise. Windows 8 is a touch friendly reimaging of Windows. Imagine a combination of Windows phone, iPhone and your desktop windows; well that’s Windows 8 for you.

The idea Windows 8 will make your head spinning- a full blown operating system with touchy metro tile interface on the top. Most of the application will run on Metro tiles, especially in tablets that will have windows 8. Actually tablet will bring live into Windows 8 and only tablets will bring developers imagination into reality. With this new operating system Microsoft has face new challenges like they have to convince consumers the new widow interface and they need provide a tablet as responsive as iPhone which is very hard to do.

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