LG env Touch VX11000-A Wonderful Handset With QWERTY Keyboard

LG VX11000 is an elegant device that comes with a large external touch screen which is 3″ wide and offers perfect image clarity. The flip handset looks really awesome and it weighs nearly 4.52″(H) x 2.16″(W) x 0.66″(D). What makes this handset stand out from the rest is that apart from its touchscreen is the attention to all the technicalities, making it pretty stylish and entertaining to use.

In terms of technical features, the env Touch VX11000 boasts of a 3.2-megapixel digital camera, a music player that supports MP3, WMA, AAC, & AAC+ files for a wonderful musical experience. It also facilitates video recordings.  The user can enjoy sending SMSs on the QWERTY Keyboard with large and widely-spaced keys that ensures easy message typing in less time. The wireless Bluetooth technology is also there to support faster data transfer along with hands free mobile conversation while driving a car.

If you have plenty of associates and friends then you can store all your contact information within the large phone book entry. It can be upgraded with microSD card slot when the internal memory is full. The mobile phone is powered by standard 950 mAh batteries and it offers 260 Minute of talk time, which means you don’t have to charge your mobile very frequently.

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