Facebook Unavailable For 2 Hours Across Europe

Facebook Europe UnavailableLast Wednesday the social networking site Facebook is encountered by technical difficulties. Users across Europe could not log in to their account. It continued over two hours. Users twitted that Face book’s smart phone and tablet apps were also down during that period.

Facebook have apologized for this incident and assured its users that the problem is resolved. In a statement it said that due to technical issues Facebook.com was unavailable in some countries around Europe but the problem is now sorted out and from then on any one will not have problem to access into their account. Facebook has an incredible over 850 million users around the world. Although some uses Twitter to communicate with friend but facebook is the number one site for micro blogging. Offices that use facebook account to log into their native sites were left frustrated by this down fall. So it is time that they rethink their log in strategy.

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