Insomniac Spills about Canceled Venture


To an avid gamer there’s no greater joy than learning in advance about the games their favorite gaming publishing company has on the cards. Although not in the same sense, gamers are also inquisitively curious about games that were abandoned by publishing companies for one reason or another. So, when Insomniac, the PS3 big shots who brought us Ratchet and Clank and Spyro, decided to “spill the beans” about an abandoned venture we were all ears.

The details were made available to the game playing public via Insomniac’s Facebook page which gives us an insight on the unlucky venture. According to the details, it was to be called 1080pinball and was destined to be a downloadable game on PSN. Insomniac began work and abandoned the project in 2007, according to official statement “the game was intended to be the most realistic pinball simulator ever (including simulating weight of ball, gravity, and friction of table surface, as well as accurately modeling the kick bumpers), running in 1080p and 60fps.”

To know what will happen next, stay tuned to Full Moon Show.

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