Resident Evil Raccoon City Review — Plot & Game Mechanics


What does an offshoot of a very beloved gaming franchise has to worry about? It has a legendary trend starting gaming parent it draws its plot from and has a legion of faithful fans that would gobble up anything related to their beloved title right? WRONG! Resident Evil Raccoon City is a prime example of the above mentioned scenario gone totally awry.


Raccoon City takes the players back to events of the first outbreak of the deadly T-virus which turns everything living into insatiable, human flesh craving walking dead and its impact on the ill fated Raccoon city. The players are put in the boots of an umbrella security service team which is dropped into the city with the purpose of collecting samples of the virus and eradicate all evidence of umbrella’s involvement in the catastrophe.

The premise was as exciting as it can get and the game has every potential to be an adrenaline pumping, thrill ride, but unfortunately due to some very uncharacteristic technical issues with the game mechanics, the end result is a far cry from what it could have been.

Game Mechanics

The prime reason Raccoon City falls flat on its face is the inconsistent and faulty AI. As a member of Umbrella security team, you are accompanied by fellow members who are AI controlled and are quite prone to going berserk and do idiotic things for no apparent reason at all. There is total absence of issuing the most basic of commands to your team mates such as back up, stay or head for cover which means you can’t expect any cooperation from them. Your team mates will stupidly run into traps and constantly keep getting killed and you are hard-pressed to revive them thinking if you let them remain dead the game might actually become a bit bearable. The AI continues to make a tomfoolery of it, as the enemies which are supposed to be flesh hungry just put up a grotesque show off of yelling and make a dash for it instead of attacking.

The aim is atrociously off target and there is no fixed damage rate that can be inflicted on the enemies. You might empty an entire magazine into an enemy which should make it swiss cheese, but instead it mauls you death and on other occasion the same enemy can be taken down with a couple of bullets. You know something is fishy when melee damage is greater than your fire arm damage, whereas in the previous games melee was a last resort in case you run out of ammo. Cover system is somewhat enforced as soon as you come near a wall or an obstacle in the road and it can get quite frustrating when you are planning to run and gun.

The surrounding and atmosphere which have a huge impact in creating the tense and always on the verge of being mauled environment of Resident Evil games is totally left out which is simply a huge disappointment.


The storyline which was available to the developers could have made Raccoon City a thrill ride but instead it comes off as a bland, faulty and lackluster title which will only serve to be a bad memory in the long list of this hugely successful franchise.

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