Download ‘Girls Around Me’ App To Know More About Your Female Neighbors

Girls Around MeA new iPhone app is available on the web that allows guys to find girls living around them. The app is named “Girls Around Me”. It is stirring up controversies as it provides guys with a foolproof way to stalk women in their colony. This free application lets one to see female face book profiles around his immediate vicinity.  It will also plot addresses of those girls on a Google map. You have to a have foursquare account to get this services.

John Brownlee from Cult of Mac demonstrated the capabilities of this app by using a bikini photo of one his neighbor on a face book profile. Although it seems like a potential threat to women kind but according to him this app does not do anything illegal, all it does is collecting information from Facebook, Foursquare and Google map and then mashes up them together. He claims that it does nothing like Grindr to encourage date rapist and stalkers.


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