Xbox Live Free From July 2012


In a surprising move Microsoft declared that Xbox Live services would be free of cost from coming July. Right now $60 per year is required to access Xbox Live content compared to PlayStation’s PSN network which is free.

However, access to content like social networking site Facebook and video streaming site Youtube.com will require the users to have gold membership. This endeavor puts Xbox Live far ahead of similar competition as the fee charging was the only slight drawback that users complained about. Speculations are rife that this could also herald the arrival of the new Xbox console that was reportedly in works and could be unveiled sometime next year.

Although the specifics of the new Xbox console remain tightly under wraps, there are rumors that it would have backward compatibility for current Xbox 360 owners. As an owner of an Xbox 360 myself, I am keeping my fingers crossed for this particular trait.

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2 Responses to "Xbox Live Free From July 2012"

  1. This is GREAT news, finally Microsoft have woken up, and are now in the real world!

  2. james says:

    i really need xbl!!! now im running out of xbox live, and i dun wanna buy it bcus im gonna go on my vacation, when i get back i will buy them… but right now im really bored and i wanna play mw3 online but i couldnt bcus i need a xbl!!!

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