The Breach Global Payments Processor Affects 1.5 Million Cardholders

Breach Global Payments Processor As reported earlier, Global Payment breach System was hacked and 1.5million card number was stolen with a blink of eye. On Monday the CEO of Global Payment Paul R. Garcia said that they strongly believe, this incident is contained and is confined in North American processing system.

He also mentioned that card holders name, permanent address, social security number and other consumer banking information was not obtained. He emphasized that he does not believe anyone related to company merchant and share holder could be related to this act.

Last week the incident first came into people’s notice when Mastercard and Visa notified its customers that an unnamed credit card processor has been breached. Later it was confirmed that the breached processor belongs to Global Payment. After the incident Visa’s relation with Global Payment has gone cold but however they continue to handle Visa transactions. Sources confirmed that US security service is looking into the incident.

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