Nokia To Promote Lumia 900 By Poking Fun At iPhone

Nokia Lumia 900 Nokia is planning to bash Apple’s iPhone with their new Lumia device. Soon Nokia will be releasing Lumia 900 and the company is very hopeful with this device. The reasonable success of its predecessor Lumia 800 has boosted their self belief. A new website smartphonebetatest.com published a promo of Lumia 900 which clearly attacks iPhone. In this promo they have casted the Chris Parnell who is a former Saturday Night Live star. The promo shows that he is surrounded by monitors and a clock ticking down towards April 6. The three monitors displays three video where executives are ignoring flaws of some iPhone like devices. The promo also made fun of iPhone4’s poor antenna and display.

As it appears Nokia is taking a similar action as Verizon did for Motorola droid. However Lumia 900 is yet to be announced officially but somehow everyone knowledgeable to tech world knows that this windows phone is coming pretty soon.

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