Facebook To Countersue Yahoo Over Patent Infringement

Facebook Countersues Yahoo Over Patent InfringementEarlier this year Yahoo claimed some patent infringement against the social networking giant Facebook. Yahoo said that Facebook uses about ten of their patent without buying copyright from yahoo. According to them those are some basic patents and many sites of today’s web have registered their name to use them. However Face book denies agreeing on this. And they have countersued yahoo yesterday in a federal court at San Francisco.

Facebook claims that at this moment Yahoo infringes ten of Facebook’s patent and five of them are related to advertising. According to Facebook Yahoo uses a method for tagging photos which was invented by Facebook. Another one relates to Yahoo’s Flicker Photo sharing service which resembles Facebook’s way of tagging photos.

However Yahoo and Facebook used to share a friendly relation among themselves so it is surprising to see that they are going after each other. Yahoo may have to prepare for a much bigger battle that they have expected.

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