Yahoo! To Cut Off 2,000 Employees

Yahoo! Sacks 2,000 EmployeesLast January Yahoo hired a new CEO to do a dirty work of sacking employees at the company so that the company goes back to a position where they can conserve more revenue and becomes a successful profitable web service giant. The new CEO Scott Thompson has started to trim workers from 4th April. However the rumor of laying off came in the air months ago. Back then everyone knew that Yahoo is going to cut down thirteen percent of their employees who has nothing to do with yahoo’s Future plan. Yahoo believes that this will save near about $375 million per year.

In an statement Thompson said that after this Yahoo will become a smaller family which will be more focused to being profitable and being better equipped to meet customers need. He believes that using their limited source to urgent priorities will bring greater good to the company.

The mass cut off is expected to have adverse impact on the job market in IT sector.

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