Lawyers once again to debate in New York Facebook Lawsuit

On Wednesday, the Leslie Foschio, a magistrate judge, ruled out the suit in which Paul Ceglia, a man from New York, wanted to question Mark Zuckerberg or examine his computers. This man claims that he had a deal with the Facebook founder, nine years back, which authorizes him to have 50% ownership of Facebook-the social-networking giant.

The lawyers of Paul Ceglia however will get an opportunity to grill the experts of Facebook, who claimed that the allegation is grounded on a false documentation.

The federal magistrate-judge issued this ruling, based on the most recent round of the legal quarrels, in the case where billions of dollar bills are potentially at stake.

Last month, a motion was filed by Palo Alto from Facebook’s part in order to get the case dismissed. This motion was based on the findings of the expert which doubted the legitimacy of the two-page contract.

The judge had asked Ceglia’s attorney to submit the report from experts on the disputed contract in a couple of months.

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