Flashback botnet infected about 600,000 or more Macs

As per an antivirus company from Russia, around 600,000 Macs got infected with a malware suite call Flashback botnet. This malware is designed to track personal info and steal it.

Today, Dr. Web, the company, formerly reported that around 550,000 Mac computers got infected by Mac botnet, and the number was increasing. In the latter half of the day, Sorokin Ivan, who is a malware analyst at Dr. Web, announced in the social-networking site, twitter that the count of infected Macs had augmented to 600,000 (274 of the infected machines were based at Cupertino, in Calif and around 284 were from Finland).

The company also proclaimed that while 20 per cent of the machines are based in Canada, around 57 per cent of them are from United States.

In the year 2011 (September), this malware was first traced to masquerade itself as a duplicate plug-in installer of Adobe-Flash-Player. Over the last couple of months, the malware has advanced to exploit Java vulnerabilities so as to target the Mac Systems. F-Secure, a security company has come up with instruction to figure out Flashback infections.

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