Nokia Lumia 900 Brings Windows Phone Back In Competitive Market

Lumia 900 Windows Phone Current statistics show that these days Most people fancies to have a smart phone rather than having an ordinary device which only be used in communication purposes. This statistics have made the smart phone market very competitive and all giant hardware companies are trying to push a way into this market for themselves. But making a ground in this field has become so hard that even the most established companies like Microsoft could not reach their expectation level with their Windows phone.

Currently iOS and android based device is ruling the world of smart phone. Together these two have brought down the mighty Research In Motion. So Microsoft’s dream of manufacturing a standalone device was becoming more and more impossible. However Lumia 900 can uplift their hopes although the specification of this device is not that impressive. Lumia 900 is going to be the Nokia’s latest addition to Lumia series. This is the only phone that can stand up to the empire of Apple and Android devices with its combination of low price and attractive apps.

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