Flashback Trojan Attacks Mac OS

Flashback Trojan A recent estimate shows that currently over 600,000 Mac operating systems are down, thanks to Flashback Trojan. Analysts are calling it the biggest threat that an operating system has ever experienced. The situation can be compared with Conficker botnet which took over almost seven million Windows PCs at its peak.  Yes, of course seven million is much bigger than 600,000 but it has to be quoted that Windows has higher number of users. Currently Mac holds on to the second position at the Desktop PC market with 6.54 percent market share, Where Windows has a massive 92.48 percent share of desktop PC market.

At this point naming this malware Falshback Trojan is a misnomer.last year when it was first discovered it was more of a Trojan Horse. A Trojan Horse is a malware that takes a disguise when something begins. In this case the threat takes a masquerade of Adobe Flash Update. When the user executes the program his machine gets compromised.

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