Spammers Finally Infiltrates Cellphone

Cellphone SpamCell phone has been the most secured platform of communication as it was presumed to be spam free but recently users have reported that they are receiving anonymous text messages offering cheap mortgage, drugs and credit cards and to get all this they are asked to click on the link provided and enter their social security number. According to a research firm last year consumer have received 4.5 million such text messages and this is twice more if compared to year 2009. Ferris Research Company looks to track spam and they say that the amount of such messages were 2.2 billion in the year 2009.

However the threat level is not as high as email spam but this growing menace has the potentiality to cause a significant damage. A federal trade commission lawyer say that it is a pervasive problem and it’s very difficult to track the spammers. But consumers are inspired to file complaints as soon as they get attacked by them, this will help them to track down the sender of these messages.

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  1. Mandy Moore says:

    Take matters into your own hands and download Call Control from http://www.everycall.us/ and blacklist any fraud or spam caller as well as their messages from reaching your mobile phone. It’s a great app and works wonders.

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