Mario Tennis Open: The Upcoming Mario 3D Game


The upcoming Mario Nintendo 3D game has been announced and is named Mario Tennis Open. It was announced in the Nintendo’s 3DS press conference held in Tokyo. This game is expected to add a new spin to the old classic. Its prototype, Mario Tennis, has been a well appreciated Nintendo series and the new 3D version of the game will be an amazing new addition.

The new game, Mario Tennis Open, will have an engaging game play that the series is famous for, along with mini integrations and special modes. Moreover, the game also has an option to use your Mii in the game. The extra modes that will be featured in the upcoming game are the most enticing ones. It looks along with modes from the last games, many new and more fascinating ones are also added.

Furthermore, Nintendo President Mr. Satoru Iwata also announced that the game will have gyroscope support as well as support for Nintendo Network. In addition to this, the game is said to support online game matches as well.

The old classic Mario Bros fans are waiting anxiously for the upcoming Nintendo game and the expectations are really high. Have a look at the recent trailer to find out more.

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