Finally Sony Vaio E-series laptops Are Within Your Reach

Are you planning to buy a brand new laptop to make your work life faster than ever? Then the latest Sony Vaio E-series laptops will certainly grab your attention. Sony just launched these E-series laptops in market which not only look brilliant but offer powerful hardware at competitive and affordable prices. In fact, during a Q and A session at the launch in Mumbai, Mr Masaru Tamagawa who happens to be the Managing Director, Sony India, implied that their E-series of laptops are designed for the masses, as they are coming with an affordable price.

You can choose any of the three available variants in the Sony’s E-series laptops. At present they are coming with 3 different screen sizes of 14-inch, 15.5-inch and 17.3-inch. Have a glance at the hardware they offer.



This laptop comprises of Intel’s mainstream Core i5-520M processors. You can avail the 14 inches laptops at Rs 50,000, which we think is quite a good deal, considering the design of the Vaio and its powerful hardware. If you opt for the 14 inches entry-level models they are priced between Rs 39,000 and Rs 48,000. Sony Vaio laptops are becoming very popular because of their aesthetics. If you look at the latest Vaio E series they have got different look and offers a number of vibrant colors, which make the gadget look truly amazing. The native screen resolution of all 14-inch models is 1366 x 768, which has been common to most standard laptops, and should be fine on a 14 incher.

Now let’s discuss the 15-inch version of laptops priced at only Rs 36,990. Then there are three models that have got the Core i3 CPUs and are priced between Rs 39,000 to about Rs 52,000. Now if you take the expensive one, it boasts full-HD screen and the other two comes with standard 1366 x 768 resolution. Among these three models, you can select the discrete (ATI Radeon HD5650 and HD5140) and onboard graphics. Astonishingly the most costly 15-inch model features onboard graphics, which might not be liked by many users. In all, there are five 15-inch models you can choose from.

At present only one 17-inch model is available, which costs nearly Rs 58,000 and comprises of entry-level hardware. This laptop is powered by an Intel Core i3-330M CPU, and features 4 GB RAM, a 500 GB hard drive and it weighs about 3.3 Kg. With high quality discrete graphics, ATI Radeon HD 5650, including a 1600 x 900 screen, it seems Sony Vaio is now going to make some new admirers.

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