Twitter takes legal step against tweet spammers

Twitter is taking legal steps against the tweet spammers and so, the company filed a legal suit against the five spam enablers at San Francisco on Thursday.

The lawsuit mentioned the name of the defendants as TweetAttacks (which is a Philippines-based firm called JL4-Web Solutions), TweetAdder (Skootle Corporation based in Tennessee), TweetBuddy, Garland Harris and James Lucero.

The suit aims at those people who build spamming tools like software that clasps with the trending topics and injects marketing messages, which are irrelevant, to the mix.

At a blog post, the company mentioned that they were aiming at shutting the source down, so that no other spammers could fetch any assistance from these tool providers. They also said that the lawsuit is a strong movement against every spammer and the commitment of the company to keep them away from Twitter.

The company also said that it had spent about $700,000 in this anti-spam combat and is seeking monetary damages and injunction against every single defendant.

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