Is Silicon Valley becoming the new Las Vegas?

It seems that the Silicon Valley is becoming the new Las Vegas. This is because the latest generation of the internet entrepreneurs are trying to make fast bucks using unethical means altogether. Though it seems that they are a bunch of kids who are inexperienced in the field, they are actually looking forward to gather revenues, without looking onto the ethical future of the company.

As for example, Groupon runs the largest portal for selling coupons and the company faced investigation by the Security-and-Exchange-Commission due to its accounting hijinks and tricks in its IPO filing.

Zynga, another San-Francisco-based firm, sold virtual goods to Facebook game addicts and peddled knock-offs of the games which were crafted by others. Moreover, the CEO of the company claimed to have done every horrendous thing to keep their revenue line-up perfect. The company also demanded refund of stocks from employees and threatened them of firing.

Certain similar things happened with Facebook who strategized a policy with Goldman-Sachs for sidestepping the SEC rules and increasing their revenues.

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