Mass Effect 3 Patch out Released

Bioware reported that it has released Mass Effect 3 patch 2 days back. The older version had problems with some Shepard imports that players have been experiencing. The new version will prove to be a remedy to many problems.

So, what this patch will address? Let’s see:

  • The issue with Shepard customization facial features import has been addressed.
  • The issue with the problems that occurred while selecting the resume lead to level reset has also been resolved.
  • The issue with the poor network connection while selecting multi-players has also been addressed.
  • While accessing the in game terminal, the issue that resulted in the potential crash has also been resolved.
  • While signing in, the older version displayed a message saying Server down. This problem has also been taken care of.
  • The memory crash that occurred as a result of choosing the quick save has also been taken into account and fixed.
  • The debug on screen text as a result of mission restart will also not be a problem for the players anymore.
  • The issue players came across during the transitions has also been resolved.
  • The problem with the accounts being locked when accessed from the same computer has also been taken care of (for PCs).
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