Pachter forecasts decline in March sales despite Mass Effect 3 and Vita Introduction

The analyst for Wedbush, Michael Pachter claims that Mass Effect 3 would not be able to save the gaming industry from declining. Similarly, the launch of PS Vita would not do any good for the industry either.

Pachter indicated that according to the NPD report of Thursday, the business for gaming in US has fell for about the fourth continuous month now. He blames the lack of releases as the apparent reason behind these sales drops.

According to his prediction, the revenues have dropped to about $565 million which makes about 23 % drop in profits year-on-year.

He states, “We do not expect a return to positive growth until May, which features Activision Blizzard’s Diablo III, Take-Two’s Max Payne 3, and Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier,”

Same is the case of PS Vita too, as alleged by Pachter, According to his estimate, about 125,000 systems were reported to have been purchased in March which was way below the expectations.

“We believe the PS Vita is unlikely to match its February unit sales figure in the near future as the buzz caused by its release dies down, and TV commercials become more infrequent,” says Pachter.

He further contributes, “We expect hardware sales to rebound once price cuts are implemented, but expect a recurrence of the dip next holiday, partially buffered by some modest contribution from the introduction of the PS Vita in February and the Wii U later this year.”

Conclusively, this is definitely a bad time for the gaming industry and no positive development is expected in the near future.

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One Response to "Pachter forecasts decline in March sales despite Mass Effect 3 and Vita Introduction"

  1. Celidus says:

    As long as EA is in control of the majority of game developers the gaming industry will continue to decline. Gamers have gotten wise to EA’s tactics and aren’t standing for it anymore.

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