Future Of Ultrabooks Will Be Better, Says Intel

Ultrabook FutureAnalysts are expecting better market performance from Ultrabook since this year there will be a wide range of machines available for the consumer to choose from. The only thing to be worried about is its high price and it is logical from consumer’s point of view. Why would they buy an Ultrabook when they can easily get a tablet at cheap rate?

Intel is trying hard to push Ultrabook forward. Last May Intel have announced that they are designing ultrabooks not only just to make laptops thin and light but also to have better battery life, faster turn on and high processing speed. Previously ultrabook was priced at $800 but recently Intel said that they will be releasing ultrabooks that will cost about $699. Intel says that they have 75 models under development including some hybrid devices that can be turned into tablets. These ultrabooks will have 11-inch to 15-inch screens.

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