Nokia Is Counting On Their Alliance With Microsoft

Nokia LumiaNokia said that the company might fall short from the expected first quarter income. The second quarter is not looking good also. This news has broken out just after two days, when the company has introduced the US market with their latest smart phone Lumia900. Lumia900 is the first outcome of their alliance with the software giant Microsoft. Since the company CEO Stephen Elsop has foreseen a lagging sale in the coming months, this is not hard to predict that much depends on Lumia900.

Eslop says that, he believes that the company has already established a fair enough momentum for the hand set and they are constantly monitoring the market situation. Nokia has increased the investment on Lumia900 so that it becomes easier to achieve success at US market. Eslop used to run the business division of Microsoft before September 2010. Nokia is going through a transition period and it is taking longer than they have expected.

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